About Us

Set Square Limited Partnership
60/1 Ngamduplee, Rama 4 Road, Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok, 10120 THAILAND
Tel: +66 2677 6060 Mobile : +66 81 822 7882
Website www.pingidea.com
Email [email protected]
Business Hours : Monday - Saturday 09:30-18:00
Contact : Mr. Dhevin Lewchalermwongse(Manager) Mobile: +66 81 822 7882 Email: [email protected]
Contact : Ms. Nasarun BannNern (Manager) Mobile: +66 87 032 0707 Email [email protected]

Set Square founded in 1990. Currently, there is a total of paid-up registered capital of 32,000,000 Baht.

  • Digital Printing and Offset Printing for Commercial and Packaging.
    • Namecard, Leaflet, Brochure
    • Letterhead, Envelop, Preprinted Form
    • Membership Card
    • Packaging, Box, Corrugated Box, Rigid Box
  • Display and Signage with Inkjet Printer
    • For Indoor and Outdoor Materials
  • Screen Printing
    • UV printing and Fabric Printing
  • Hot Foil Stamping
    • Invitation Cards
  • Heat Transfer
    • Fabric and Apparels
  • Vinyl Cutting
  • Set Square exists to promote, support, and provide services to entrepreneurs of all sizes, and is a part of our clients' success.
  • Set Square emphasizes ethical practices in service delivery to entrepreneurs who conduct their businesses legally and without infringing on others' personal rights, which would lead to detriment or harm to others.
  • Set Square offers various services at reasonable and value-for-money prices, considering 3 main factors.
    • Quality - Value for services
    • Price - Cost of Production
    • Time - Production Lead Time

Set Square offers contracted production services, custom-made products, and printing job production as per customer orders and requirements. This includes design services and creating artwork. Regarding purchase conditions, Set Square will proceed with the printing jobs after the customer has given approval to proceed and/or when the customer has made a payment according to the order conditions. Approval is confirmed by signing documents such as a quotation or a print sample, and making a partial or full payment, as agreed upon. In cases where Set Square staff believe that the customer's approval may adversely affect the desired output, Set Square may suspend such production approval, informing the customer, and will resume operations once the factors causing potential production issues have been resolved. The production timeline starts from when the customer gives their approval, excluding Set Square's non-working days, which include Sundays and public holidays as announced by the government. For product delivery, Set Square will arrange shipment to the customer via postal services, motorcycle, and/or truck delivery, or the customer may pick up the products at Set Square (as per the address on the map). After-sales service: Customers can reorder print jobs previously printed (Reprint) by notifying Set Square's customer service staff. Set Square is happy to replace products delivered if they are damaged during delivery.

Customers who place orders through the PingIdea.com website can choose to make payments by transferring money to the Kasikornbank, Patpong Branch, account of Mr. Dhevin Lewchalermwongse for SQ2, account number 018-2-04500-6

PingIdea.com would like to inform you about our website's policy in maintaining the confidentiality of customer data or that of any individual who visits our website, as follows: For customer communication, we will contact you only through email and telephone, with preference given to email. The subject line of the email will clearly state the purpose of contact each time. If you wish to contact us regarding products or other matters, you can do so through the 'Contact Us' and 'About Us' pages, or via email or phone as provided on every page of the website. You will receive a response within 4 hours. When visiting the website, you can browse PingIdea.com to search for various products and services we offer, without having to disclose any personal information to the website. Our website is continuously updated, and we may use devices or software to collect data on the browsing behavior of our visitors. This data will be used to improve the website's effectiveness in reaching our target audience, including information such as date and time of visit, web pages viewed, duration of visit, type of search, internet service provider, and the websites visited before and after our site. PingIdea.com may monitor the search behavior of our registered users and use the data as part of our website's security process. We may use 'cookies' to verify the authenticity of visitors to our website. 'Cookies' are data sent from the website to the visitor's computer while they are browsing our site. Our website installs 'cookies,' which collect the following information: IP Address, type of browser used to access the website, pages visited, access time, and the referring website. The collection and storage of personal information: Data related to PingIdea.com's customers will only be used for operational purposes and in compliance with the law. This includes enhancing service efficiency, designing products or services, and offering special promotions that better meet customer needs. Customer data will not be used, collected, or stored for purposes other than those stated. However, if we need to collect personal data without the aforementioned operational purposes, we will directly request the information from you.

You can provide suggestions, feedback, service recommendations, or file a service complaint by contacting Mr. Dhevin Lewchalermwongse (Manager) at the mobile number + 66 81 822 7882. We will address your complaint fairly. General issues will be resolved within 7 business days, while more complex issues or those requiring more time to resolve will be handled within 90 days.

For products that are custom-made for the client, orders cannot be canceled once SetSquare has commenced production. If the product is damaged due to shipping, customers can notify our customer service staff for product replacement. Set Square will proceed with the production of the replacement products.

This website is certified for accuracy by Mr. Dhevin Lewchalermwongse. Contact at +66 81 822 7882 or email [email protected].