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Today, Thailand has a diversified food and beverage industry, and 61 percent of the food and beverage market is made up of food products that are dominated by milled rice, sugar, confectioneries, seafood, frozen, read-to-eat foods, poultry meat, processed fruits and vegetables. In Thailand, food processing is one of the country’s biggest manufacturing sectors. As one of the world’s top ten producers of food products, the Thai industry has grown positively at a rate of 9 percent per year with yearly production of more than 27 million tons. As the first country in South East Asia to apply agriculture biotechnology, the country has since been producing a large amount of high quality rice, as well as other products such as tapioca starch and Thai sugar. Manufacturers have continued to expand their production tools, developing new products and investing in various marketing activities as well. There is a diverse range of product categories, and the development of products have differed considerably. Food processing include products such as poultry, canned food, coffee and tea, snacks and vegetables. The lifestyle of the local society has changed, demanding for more convenience in food, and therefore, supporting growth in production of more canned and fast food, including snack foods.