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Thai furniture designers and manufacturers draw upon the county’s bountiful natural woods and fibers to create furniture that is innovative, attractive, and functional.  Increasingly, a number of Thai furniture makers are winning awards and attracting favorable attention for their commitment to sustainability.

More than half of the furniture made in Thailand is wood, some teak, but primarily rubberwood. Its rubberwood products have been designed for indoor use as floors, stairs, doors, windows, and frames.

With about 2,000 employees, Fancy Wood claims to be Thailand’s largest manufacturer of rubberwood furniture.  Fancy Wood handles all aspects of furniture making, beginning with logging its own raw materials, treating and kiln drying the wood, then preparing the material, doing the woodworking, and finishing the furniture.  Fancy Wood products include bedroom and dining room sets, benches, chairs, sofas, and tables.

Because exporting Thai furniture and related products is big business and an area with growth potential, Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce and the Department of Export Promotion are working to establish Thailand as an Asian hub for furniture product exports.