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When a shipment arrives in Thailand, importers are required to file a Goods Declaration and supporting documents for the imports with a Customs officer at the port of entry. Imported cargo are not legally entered Thailand until after the shipment has arrived within the port of entry, delivery of the merchandise has been authorized by Customs, and applicable taxes and duties have been paid. It is the responsibility of an importer to arrange for examination and release of the imported cargo.
In addition, depending on the nature of the imports, and regardless of value, the importers may need to obtain a permit to facilitate clearance of the imports. Some, not all, of the goods requiring permit, and the relevant permit issuing agencies, should be contacted prior to the importation.

Importing a car into Thailand, whether new or used, for personal use or for sale, you must pay taxes and duties. For all foreigners before writing to us the duty and tax on used vehicles is approx 188% min. If you value your car at $2000 it does not necessarily mean your duty will be less as Thai Customs will value on their rates only.

Used vehicles are restricted goods and generally not allowed for importation into Thailand, except for temporary imports as mentioned above or imports under the conditions specified by the Ministry of Commerce.Importer will need to obtain an "Import Permit" from the Ministry of Commerce. Each scheme has its own specific requirements. It is important that the importer should find out whether he can meet those requirements before committing.





Asia is a big market for leading watch brands, with consumption accounting for 46 per cent of the global value, so there is no reason for the Thai market not to grow.


Watch imports from Switzerland are expected to increase from last year's level. Pendulum distributes several luxury brands, including Breitling, Bvlgari, Franck Muller and Chopard. Distributors of luxury watches in Thailand remain optimistic about the market this year despite the political turbulence and prolonged global economic crisis. 95% of Pendulum's clients are Thais, so the company is less affected by the global economic crisis and political turbulence that has affected the country's tourism industry.