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media experts suggest that this year's full launch of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) will open more doors for out-of-home media in the provinces, while the arrival of fourth-generation wireless broadband is expected to boost online business as well as advertising spending via this new form of outlet.

"There are several issues that we are concerned about for this year's media business, such as global economic pressure, weak domestic consumption and particularly the impact from severe drought on the agricultural sector," said Pathamawan Sathaporn, managing director of Mindshare Thailand, the country's biggest media agency in terms of advertising-investment management. Given those factors, consumer confidence could be dented, while major advertisers would continue to be more cautious in investing in advertising.

Overall advertising expenditure is expected to see growth of only 3-6 per cent from last year, which is based on the official economic-growth forecast of 2-4 per cent for the Kingdom.