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Importing pharmaceuticals, food, food supplements, products for animal health, medical devices, cosmetics, or other medical and hazardous substances into Thailand requires registration with the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (FDA).

The Thai FDA requires importers and manufacturers in Thailand to obtain FDA approval prior to importing or manufacturing drugs or medicines in Thailand. The FDA categorizes drugs by modern, general medicines, traditional medicines, and veterinary medicines. Each category has separate registration requirements. General medicines are grouped into separate categories: generic medicines, new medicines, and new generics. Each medicine category also has a distinct set of registration requirements.


Vitamins and dietary supplements in Thailand enjoyed a positive growth of 11%, pushing value sales to reach Bt49.3 billion in 2015. Thai consumers were becoming more educated and were having interest in health-related information and knowledge thanks to growing health awareness. Thanks to digitalisation, consumers have a greater access to information and product availability. The health consciousness trend was still very significant in supporting demand of various products in vitamins and dietary supplements. Meanwhile, a number of Thai consumers were having improved living standards with a rising disposable income and they could be living a hectic lifestyle with higher pressures from work and study. They would therefore consume vitamins and dietary supplements products with the purpose of boosting their immune system as well as retaining a good health condition. Beyond this, people were also interested in having good-quality food and beverages to make sure that they received good daily nutritional consumption.